Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Day In A Life of The Networking Mum

Before I started my Business life have become pretty monotonous. I was committed to being a mum, had no interest in life outside of parenting or even my relationship. I was a bit of a recluse and didn't leave the house that much, even my work-outs were at home using our home gym! I knew something had to change but I had no idea what, I started going to gym classes but that didn't work as I preferred something more personal and intense for my work outs! I even did a short college course to get me out the house on an evening, then I realized pursuing a career in what I was doing would be a slight dead end.

Needless to say, I felt stuck, I was bored and we needed an additional income - so along came my Business and this was the key to life becoming a whole lot different! Starting up introduced me to a whole new squad of people who called themselves my friends, and all they wanted to do was help me be successful! The skeptic in me thought this was all a bit nuts, but soon became my new reality! Hundreds of friends just a Skype call away day to day, or a quick message on our hidden networks on Facebook - mums like me, students, people from all walks of life doing what I do and ultimately wanting to achieve the same thing, many of them who already have. 
My mornings mostly consist of mummy time and house time, we might watch a movie, go to the park, color in on the kitchen floor, go to pre-school gymnastics or go for a walk and i'll attempt to get some housey stuff done! I generally have at least one Face Time catch up with some of my team on the morning too. My Twins are still at a point where they need a nap and enjoy the routine of this, so on an afternoon from 2pm its game time - at this point my diary is usually full of meetings (online) or I may connect with the Team online and we'll do some work together, all hail my Aloe Office, I don't know where i'd be without it. At 4pm, Matthew returns home from work and gets the girls up for tea time! At this time I squeeze in my daily workout to then return and join in with the bath time, bed time routine for the Twins.

To break up the week a bit my lovely Mother In Law comes on a Wednesday afternoon and gives me a chance to go out and have meetings face to face or meet up with the team for a working lunch! My evenings are a combination of working and chilling, two evenings a week a participate in team training up and down the country from the comfort of my sofa. One evening I attend a Business Presentation, a great opportunity to connect week on week with why I am doing this but also to show other people the opportunity within this Business, but all and all its just a great chance for me and the team to get together and reflect on our past week over a glass of wine. Matthew tends to bring work home too, this gives me a chance to get some done too but at the same time spending time with him in our office - we like to annoy each other! Then its a box set in bed - currently loving Suits I 100% recommend! 
The point of this post is to express how I do it, how I choose to effectively use my spare pockets of time to grow my Business. There have been a few sacrifices but ultimately its a short term change to achieve a long term goal and the bonus is that I don't have to leave my children to do it! 
What do you want to achieve?

What are you doing to achieve it?