Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Product Review

Each Wednesday I will be bringing to you a weekly product review and this week i'll be talking about my infamous MPD - Multi Purpose Detergent! But before you continue reading I have a little game for you all to play. If you are a home owner i'd like you to think about how many cleaning products you have in your household, to give you some help i'll list the some activities you may need some products for; window cleaning, dishes, surfaces including floors, bathroom, pets, car, carpets and upholstery etc... Id also like you to think about how often you have to buy these products and on average how much you spend monthly/quarterly on them! 

Were you surprised or disappointed at your results? If so, this weeks product review may just prick your ears up a little!

MPD is an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, all purpose detergent that effectively lifts grime and cuts through grease to remove stains. A tiny 10ml is all you need to do a load of laundry, any more and you would have a bubble explosion in your utility. A teaspoon amount into the spray bottle mixed with cool water is all you need to clean surfaces, bathrooms and windows! 

This delightful, soaping smelling wonder as brought up my twin destroyed sofa spotless. Customer feedback as told me that its made their jewelry shine like never before - winning! A bottle of this can last me on average 3 months, definitely saving me a fortune throughout the year and keeping my inner OCD happy about fewer bottles under the kitchen sink!

Tip - to make the house smell even more fresh, I add a few drops of Lemon Essential oils to the spray bottle. 

One bottle is £20 - quote this blog to get a free spray bottle!

Monday, 26 September 2016

What It's Really Like To Have Twins

So the baby days are over, my screaming, hungry, teething, weaning little sh*t machines are now toddlers. There is no point dwelling or re-living those days as my pint size dictators are now little women who know what they want, when they want and they won't hesitate to tell you. I'd attempt to tell you a day in a life of myself - but a stay at home mum with 2 and a half year old twins is never the same day to day.. apart from lack of showers, eating and never knowing where my hair brush is, everything else about my day is always different.

Double trouble they say, you'll have your hands full they tell me, rather you than me they insult me. Until you have twins you can never understand what it is truly like, it is very different to having one, and many will disagree that it is incredibly different to have 2 a 'similar' age. 

From having two screaming babies for night feeds, two to wean, two to potty train and two to battle into bed. Your having to go through all these changes in life with 2 little humans who are generally against change in general! But I don't resent it, in many ways i'm thankful, I know i'm not having any more children as we only wanted 2.. and I've done all those stages all at once. The sleepless nights stage nearly broke me & my boyfriend - yes probably because we had 2 at once but I cringe at the thought of going through it again with 1 baby never mind 2. I couldn't imagine having to potty train one child, while having broken sleep through the night by a newborn. No one chooses to have twins, you cant plan it, but i'm incredibly grateful to be blessed with them and in many ways I believe they would be easier than having 1. They always have each other, they don't struggle to detach from us, you have to be military with multiples so there way no room for fussiness and no patience to let them lead us. As may many singletons too - trust me I don't think we are anything special.

This is just an opinion, of one person, who is happy for her brood to max at 2 children, and is grateful to only have to go through all the different stages once. For other mums, it maybe that they love all the stages and can't wait to do it all again and again. For me, another child would add too much physical, mental and financial strain on the family at the detriment of the twins. I would love another child, I would love to do it all again. It pains me knowing i'll never experience it all again, but my family is so perfect the way it is, I almost tear up thinking about throwing a spanner in the works and breaking up the awesome foursome! 

So many may look and think we have it hard, but the truth is that we actually don't. Most days we would agree we have it easy in fact. It wasn't a traditional start out for either of us; 25 & 26 year old with 2 and a half year old twin girls. Not married, didn't live together - yet here we are in our own home, happy, healthy and still have the rest of our lives in front of us together. 
I feel rich just writing that. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A Day In A Life of The Networking Mum

Before I started my Business life have become pretty monotonous. I was committed to being a mum, had no interest in life outside of parenting or even my relationship. I was a bit of a recluse and didn't leave the house that much, even my work-outs were at home using our home gym! I knew something had to change but I had no idea what, I started going to gym classes but that didn't work as I preferred something more personal and intense for my work outs! I even did a short college course to get me out the house on an evening, then I realized pursuing a career in what I was doing would be a slight dead end.

Needless to say, I felt stuck, I was bored and we needed an additional income - so along came my Business and this was the key to life becoming a whole lot different! Starting up introduced me to a whole new squad of people who called themselves my friends, and all they wanted to do was help me be successful! The skeptic in me thought this was all a bit nuts, but soon became my new reality! Hundreds of friends just a Skype call away day to day, or a quick message on our hidden networks on Facebook - mums like me, students, people from all walks of life doing what I do and ultimately wanting to achieve the same thing, many of them who already have. 
My mornings mostly consist of mummy time and house time, we might watch a movie, go to the park, color in on the kitchen floor, go to pre-school gymnastics or go for a walk and i'll attempt to get some housey stuff done! I generally have at least one Face Time catch up with some of my team on the morning too. My Twins are still at a point where they need a nap and enjoy the routine of this, so on an afternoon from 2pm its game time - at this point my diary is usually full of meetings (online) or I may connect with the Team online and we'll do some work together, all hail my Aloe Office, I don't know where i'd be without it. At 4pm, Matthew returns home from work and gets the girls up for tea time! At this time I squeeze in my daily workout to then return and join in with the bath time, bed time routine for the Twins.

To break up the week a bit my lovely Mother In Law comes on a Wednesday afternoon and gives me a chance to go out and have meetings face to face or meet up with the team for a working lunch! My evenings are a combination of working and chilling, two evenings a week a participate in team training up and down the country from the comfort of my sofa. One evening I attend a Business Presentation, a great opportunity to connect week on week with why I am doing this but also to show other people the opportunity within this Business, but all and all its just a great chance for me and the team to get together and reflect on our past week over a glass of wine. Matthew tends to bring work home too, this gives me a chance to get some done too but at the same time spending time with him in our office - we like to annoy each other! Then its a box set in bed - currently loving Suits I 100% recommend! 
The point of this post is to express how I do it, how I choose to effectively use my spare pockets of time to grow my Business. There have been a few sacrifices but ultimately its a short term change to achieve a long term goal and the bonus is that I don't have to leave my children to do it! 
What do you want to achieve?

What are you doing to achieve it? 


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Who Is The Networking Mum?

It's the 11th of October 2013 and we've known I am pregnant for exactly a month to this day. At this point i'm pretty poorly and have been admitted to hospital for the first time. My hand clutching Matthews and a very cold probe being rubbed on my tummy, we nervously wait to see if anything is wrong! 'Oh look, this is why your so poorly...' we turned to the nurse, she sounded chirpy so it couldn't be bad 'there's two in there!' 

Six months into our relationship, I was just about to return to uni to do my PGCE Year, Matthew already a newly qualified Teacher, we knew it was going to be hard, but with two on the way... we didn't know where to begin!

It soon became apparent that I was too poorly to continue working and with that I accepted redundancy, I did not start uni again and instead I stayed at home planning everything we needed for our imminent arrival! The plan was that i'd stay with them for the first year and after that I would return to work, because that's what everyone does right? Stay with their babies for maternity and after that it's into nursery and back to the 9-5?

The girls (yep we got two girls) were born, premature, but healthy! It was the fastest year of my life! At the beginning of April 2015, the savings were nearly empty, we were finally in our own home (yep we bought a house) and times were getting tight! So I started looking for work, I needed something that covered the cost of childcare but also left us better off each month. This was not easy, and I was still faced with leaving my two little best friends with a stranger while I went off to help someone else make money! I was obviously not thrilled at the idea of this, how do Mothers do this!? 

I'd been watching a friend of mine on Facebook, from what I could see she was running her own Business, doing pretty well and having fun at the same time! My first impression was 'I wish I could do that, but i'm just a stay at home mum who's a bit of a hermit' ... I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her what she's doing! Best message I have ever sent! She sent me a 30 minute video to watch that explained everything about what she did. I was sold, an opportunity to earn an uncapped income around my twins! I don't have to pay for them to go to Nursery? I don't have to work for someone else? NO!

I wasn't close minded enough to hold the opinion 'oh it works for them' or 'I couldn't do that'! I could see the potential of the opportunity, the Marketing Plan was amazing, there was clearly so much training and support that came with it, I thought 'I can do this' and Matthew agreed too! I was soon introduced to the world of 'Network Marketing' I had no idea my new job title was 'Full Time Mum & Professional Network Marketer' I just knew I had an amazing opportunity to share with people and some incredible products to go with it! 

The Networking Mum was born. 

So it's January 2016 now, I have earned the additional income my Family needed. I've never had to miss putting the twins to bed, never had to rush getting them to Nursery on a morning... They've stayed with me and I've loved every second of it! I'd say the fun ends here but it doesn't, the incredible company I work under have incredible incentives such as; Car Plan, Two 5* Holidays a year and a share of the company profits! Why did I not find this opportunity sooner!?

Fast forward Two years down the line... I think Matthew's just sacked the Boss...